Maui Kitesurfing

Maui Kitesurfing is dependant on the FAA Waiver which allows kiteboarding on Maui's north Shore within the FAA controlled Airport Zone.

Under the responsibilities of the waiver, the waiver holder has a duty to inform the public of the waiver's conditions, and rules that apply to kiteboarders, and meet regularly with the FAA and Water Safety and governing bodies to discuss any issues or conflicts.

The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) controls the Airspace within a 5 mile radius of all major US airports.

The FAA has regulations that specifically relate to and address kite flying, and forbid particular kiting activities within the 5 mile zone.

The FAA has issued a conditional Waiver that allows some restricted kiteboarding activities, within certain areas.

Without this FAA Waiver, all kiteboarding would be banned within a five mile radius of the Kahului Airport (OGG).

It is in the interests of all kiteboarders to respect these rules and to inform other kiteboarders.

Always follow the directives of the Lifeguards, Rangers and DLNR.

In this way we will be able to preserve our access to ride on the north shore.

 Always ride with Aloha and respect for all other users.


If you see any emergency, like an injury, kiteboarder lost at sea, crime in progress, or other issue Call 9-1-1. Lifeguards are also connected to the 911 system. Call First, and tell the dispatcher your emergency. Police, Fire, Rescue, Ambulance, Search & Rescue and Lifeguards are all part of the 911 Emergency Response System. Act quickly and save a life or prevent serious injury.

FAA Annual Safety Meeting Scheduled: December TBA
at the Kanaha Canoe Hale.
As mandated by the FAA kiteboarding waiver, the waiver holder is required to hold an annual kiteboarding safety meeting.
FAA representatives, Kiteboarders and community are invited to attend.


In addition to the Safe Kiteboarding Guidelines above, please observe the kiteboarding area maps, and follow the accepted Kiteboarding Priority Rules. Kiteboarders on the north shore operate under Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certificate of waiver, which authorizes kiteboarding near Kahului Airport. The FAA waiver stipulates that all kiteboarders must comply with the following guidelines:

1)       No maneuvers shall be performed over persons or property not involved with kiteboarding activities.

2)       No kiteboarding in the 2 mile long by one mile wide corridor at the end of the runway in Spreckelsville (see map).

3)       The waiver is applicable and only valid between the hours of official sunrise and sunset.

4)       All kiteboarders shall be responsible for seeing and avoiding non-participants.

5)       The kite will not be operated 125 feet above sea level.

6)       Kiteboarding safety meetings will be conducted within every 12 month period.

The conduct of every kiteboarder affects our reputation with the public and our credibility with the FAA. Any complaints from user conflicts will hurt our efforts to keep the waiver. Always ride with Aloha and respect for all other users.

Maui Kiteboarding Area Map
Kitesurfing zone map of North Shore Maui
 In any life threatening emergency call 911


Unpermitted Kite Instruction is NOT permitted at Kanaha Beach. Only Permitted Schools are allowed to teach. Illegal Operations jeopardize the future of Kiteboarding by increasing Legal Liability of the County and Increase the Risk of Injury to the Public. Report all Suspected Illegal Operators to the Parks Dept. All Commercial Activities without a permit are prohibited in the Park. Watersports Instruction of any Kind (commercial or non-commercial) is not permitted without a Parks Permit. Call the Parks Dept: (808) 270-7230 or email  to report any Violations, or make a complaint. 

Please help us to promote Responsible Kitesurfing in our Community.

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